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Reducing the risk of the digital transformation of your work

Identify your potential with the greatest advantages of our technology

Identify the potential of your business transformation through the best practices, technology, and methodologies provided by the Blastatistics team and our collaborators. We can help you get the most benefit from our technologies to optimize your work

QAQC - Detailed audits for quality control and optimization

We carry out detailed audits for quality control and design optimization, implementation, and evaluation of drilling and blasting processes. The audit includes the evaluation of each step of the D&B process.

The performance of the blasting is studied qualitatively and quantitatively to achieve the refinement and optimization of the process.
Depending on the improvement objective, the audit is customized based on them, such as dilution control or slope stability, among others.
In addition to other factors and controls that compromise blasting efficiency, we carry out on-site controls such as:

  • Identification of blasting restrictions
  • Bench preparation
  • Hole drilling
  • Loaded and explosive material
  • Systems and initiation times
  • Recording and monitoring

On-site and Online blasting quality control training

This training includes all the theoretical-practical basis for the perfect understanding of the importance of quality control as a basis for operational excellence.

Additionally, Blastatistics® training and its QAQC support products complete the knowledge and theoretical practice with the latest technology on the market prepared for the development and implementation of the QAQC required to optimize its work.

Among others, the following training courses are offered (in person and online):

Full On-site implementations

The training on Blastatistics® products is complemented by projects for the total implementation of the product, supported by a quality philosophy and the generation of personalized protocols to ensure the best and fastest implementation of the system in your current work routine.

Among others, the complete implementation includes:

  • Evaluation of the current design protocol and computer systems and technologies used
  • Evaluation of the current blasting implementation QAQC protocol
  • Evaluation of monitoring and taking of results according to the main objectives
  • Generation of internal protocols for the integration of Blastatistics® in the work, minimizing the impact on the present routine and maximizing the efficiency of the staff and the daily workflow with adequate integration with the software and current activities
  • Generation of protocols and specialized training
  • Generation of personalized and standardized material: protocols and standards mine-office/data collection-analysis
  • Practical reporting support to ensure long-term CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT

Full Digitalization Projects

By studying your current process of design, implementation, control, and results of D&B both technically and technologically, we can support you in the redesign and optimization from total digitization.

With the support of Blastatistics® tools, among others, you will be able to take your blast design, control, and optimization process to the highest level supported by our experience and excellent technology.


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