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Map and manage your operation geology projects easily with BlasticsGEO Surface!

Blastics® GEO Surface for geological mapping. A very useful system for the collection of geological data, very pratical and easy to use. We have optimized times and simplified the work, the data is instantly, easy to extract and use in AcQuire, Minesight, Leapfrog, ArcGIS, AutoCAD. 100% recomendable

Edgar J. HernándezSenior Geologist at Minera Media Luna (Torex Gold Resources)

Control the mapping of your blasts with Blastics GEO Surface!

Manage your geological mapping and sampling projects

Online geological sampling and logging control system to manage all your geological mapping projects on a single platform.

Manage your logging and sampling tasks for ore grade control, ensuring quality in data collection and management, both in the field and in the office.

A system formed by a web platform and a mobile application that will allow the most complete and agile collection and management of data in the field and office.

Online system: digitization, accessibility, and control always at your fingertips

A system formed by a web platform and a mobile application that will allow the most complete and agile collection and management of data in the field and office. The web allows you to create projects and blasts that will then be logged and sampled in the field with your Tablet and the mobile application. The entire process is digitized, ensuring the long-term success of geological mapping.

Your mine, pits, benches, geological information, and work team are unique

The customization of the platform to adapt it to your mine, its characteristics and geological classifications (lithologies, hardness codes, structure codes, mineralization, alterations, etc.) and information on shifts or auxiliary personnel in the field are essential to achieve the most complete data collection in the field and the results and automatic reports in the office that adjust to your needs and that help to fully understand the geology of your blasting.

In addition, you can manage multiple mines from the same platform, and for each mine, the users, web, and app, can who view and work on each operation. All on the same platform, but with controlled access permissions to one or another mine, to one or another function.

QAQC in logging and ore control

Open-pit geological mapping comprises two stages included in Blastics GEO Surface: logging and sampling to control the grades of your blasting.

The digitized data collection from the field, with well-defined standards and protocols, and the automatic generation of the main data files in the office, which will later be processed in other programs such as Acquire or Leapfrog, minimizes human error and ensures the highest quality of data. data throughout the entire process.

In addition, logging information, always relevant to drilling and blasting partners, is available to them as soon as the data is collected. Blastics GEO Surface and Blastics Surface are linked so that blasting personnel can review hardness maps to make decisions about adjusting design based on ground characteristics.

Optimize times in management and implementation of the system in your current workflow

In the office and on-site, the staff will work with a comfortable, intuitive, and easy-to-use tool to obtain the most complete and relevant information on the geology and grade control of your blasting.

In just one click, the controlled synchronization of app-web-app information and the automation of reports and data files will ensure better times in the entire geological mapping process. More time available for monitoring (logging and/or sampling) – more efficient data collection –, more time for analysis and engineering – more efficient processes.

The implementation in your current workflow is done in an agile, simple, and fast way and without restrictions by the blast design/planning or lithology data reading program that you currently use in the operation.

Achieve your best performance in logging and ore control!


Of time saved on the entire mapping process


Increased teamwork efficiency

Site – office


Optimization in the process of information analysis and interpretation. Reduction of human errors in taking and managing information, etc

Data based on reports received from BlasticsGEO Surface users

Preparation of templates

Find out how Blastics GEO Surface features make work easier

Creating a template for grade control and logging involves 2 simple steps: 1. Insert the main data such as the name, date, pit, or bank of the template, and 2. Import a .csv file with the main information of the template (Hole ID and coordinates)

On-site control offline!

Once the templates have been created on the web that must be sampled and logged, you can now synchronize the Tablet and go to the field to follow the work.

The work in the field is carried out offline, with the user controlling, depending on the availability of signal and internet data, when the synchronization of information between web-app-web is carried out.

Controlled connection, assured information

Control of the progress of logging and sampling

Once the main geological data and the ore control sampling have been taken in the field, we synchronize the app and all the information will be saved and automatically managed on the web.

From the blasting area, you will be able to view the progress of logging and sampling on color maps that detail the main geological characteristics: hardness code, rock code, WiAmp hardness, and sampling.


With real-time notifications, you will not miss or forget to export and share the new samples made.

Visual identification of the timing of new sampling is essential for the office team to keep the progress and workflow between the field, office, and grade control laboratory up to the minute.

Comments and attachments

In each blast, both from the field with the app and directly on the web, you can add information from your log and/or sampling with comments, additional documentation, and images.

Export and share

The information collected in the field with the app and subsequently managed on the web is normally shared with the geological staff and with the grade control and laboratory staff. The automation of the reports and data files required by each area is generated automatically, by template, or by compiling various templates filtered by date, period, mine, pit, and/or bench.

Thus, once the data has been taken in the field, in a single click you will have at your disposal all the required files ready to share with the interested areas. Compatible with AcQuire, Minesight, Leapfrog, ArcGIS, or AutoCAD.

Integrations and accessories

To complement the handling of the tool, there is 1 directly linked accessory:

  • QAQC Kit: the material you need to make your measurements in the field

IP67 Rugged Tablet Package (Android)

  • GPS kit: coming soon

The Blastatistics Technical Support team will be at your disposal to solve technical issues and receive the necessary help from a support manager.


Do I need to install Blastatistics® on my server?

There are three installation options:

  • You can install it on your server. In this way, the synchronization between the app and the web will be carried out with the Wi-Fi network of the server.
  • You can install it on your cloud. Which you can access and synchronize from any Wi-Fi/4G network and location.
  • You can use Blastatistics Cloud to sync and access your information at any time and from any location.

Do I need any specific blast design software?

No. Blastatistics® supports a generic .csv data file that is easily exported from any blast design, planning, or CAD software.
As a plugin, it is directly compatible with JKSimBlast.

Is on-site information taken with BlastApp automatically synchronized with the web?

No. BlastApp works by default offline in the field. However, the synchronization option is always available to send the information to the office (data, images, comments, alerts, etc.) in a controlled manner by the user.
During data collection in the field, the information is automatically saved, and the user decides when to synchronize the app-web, either in the field during the control or in the office with all the information sampled. After the synchronization, all the participants of the D&B process will have all the field information at their disposal on their web platform. All the information necessary for analysis and decision-making in search of continuous improvement.

Can the sampled information be exported, or can it only be viewed in the program?

All the design information (theoretical data) and the real data sampled in the field can be exported to treat them externally in other programs or to manage them in complementary databases.

Is the tablet that is used delivered with the system, or can any tablet be used?

Yes, the tablet is included in the Blastatistics® 'Quality Kit' package. It is a fully tested tablet in mining conditions. It has IP67 military certificate, with resistance to water and dust. It allows working with gloves, and, among other features, it has a long-lasting interchangeable battery.

The platform they offer requires that one person be operating all the time; or can data be collected weekly, fortnightly, etc.?

Data can be collected weekly (the preparation of the blasts to be sampled), it is sampled daily with the appropriate field measurements and, in reality, everything is already done. The rest of the analysis and reports are done once the data is collected in the field and synchronized with the web platform.
But you have to prepare in the office, daily or weekly or fortnightly, it doesn't matter, all the blasts that are going to be measured.

Does the platform work independently of the Split Desktop and JKSimBlast programs, or are these programs necessary to be able to use the analysis platform?

It is totally independent of both programs. It is compatible with them, but they are not required to pass drilling data or to scale grading analysis images.

What languages are available in Blastatistics®?

Both the website and the app are in Spanish and English.